Estudi m3 interiors is a creative studio that was born by the hands of Jordi Pastells Calls.

The main service of our study is to work with the space and all the elements that compose it. We try to resolve any order and give it personality, whether we speak of a home or a business, and transmit different emotional values ​​than those of today. We believe that spaces with these senses reach deeper their users and that is what makes them special.

In all these types of spaces  (house, restaurant, hotel, shop, etc .) we try to incorporate one’s own DNA, in which functionality, uniqueness, warmth, personalization are essential characteristics while assessing spatial resolution.

Our study has been capturing all kinds of professional experiences over the years. This has allowed us to get a very wide flexibility while facing a project and now we can say that we can start from a small piece to a complete building.


About Jordi Pastells Calls

Degree in interior design at Escola Massana and also in Arts and Crafts, specializing in interior design, by La Llotja de Barcelona. Jordi Pastells Calls runs his own professional studio and has his own professional team, allowing him to resolve any order.

Design, art, architecture, and photography are his main passions, and make his day. They are like daily vitamins to get new ideas or new ways of designing.

The final final results obtained, and provided to his clients, are based in the harmonious combination of creativity and talent, with control and precision in executing the works with the whole industrial workers

  • Selected in the Biennial Art and Design from St Etienne.
  • Finalist awards Habitàcola FAD
  • Several projects have been published in magazines and commercial sector networks
M3 Interiors in the press

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Recent Projects

M3interiors offers a range of services personalized to the needs of each client, whether it is a service for a company or an individual. Here are all the projects we have done.

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